Looking Up

The 10 track follow-up to Eric's first record, "A Long Way From Home," couldn't come soon enough and is arriving in early 2020.

Recorded live at Prairie Sun Recording Studio to 24 track 2 inch tape with Grammy winning engineer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, John Hammond, Primus, Bill Laswell), the full band release represents a fluid evolution and natural progression of where Eric's music is heading, but his stake in the songs has not changed a bit.

The same convictive soul of Eric's songs appear again, but where his last record highlighted a sparse reserve that shone alone in its' self-recorded home studio upbringings, 'Looking Up' comes in full fidelity with the warmth of his full band and a depth of sound  rich in harmonic overtones. 

Firm to its core, it features The Short Tempers with fidddle, mandolin, pedal-steel, stand-up bass and resophonic, acoustic, & electric guitar.

"Long's vocals have a timeless timbre that sounds well-traveled, self-reflective and pure."”

NPR's All Songs Considered Feature of  "Come On Baby and Dance with Me" from Eric's Upcoming LP 'Looking Up'

"We believed in him so we found him a spot. Pretty sure we made the right call."”

— High Sierra Music Festival

Hey Now Baby

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