"Long's vocals have a timeless timbre that sounds well-traveled, self-reflective and pure."”

NPR's All Songs Considered Feature of  "Come On Baby and Dance with Me" from Eric's Upcoming LP 'Looking Up'

Looking Up

Recorded live at Prairie Sun with Grammy winning engineer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, John Hammond), the full band release represents a fluid evolution and natural progression of where Eric's music is heading, but his stake in the songs has not changed a bit.

The same convictive soul of Eric's songs appear again, but where his last record highlighted a sparse reserve that shone alone in its' self-recorded home studio upbringings, 'Looking Up' comes in full fidelity with the warmth of his full band and a depth of sound  rich in harmonic overtones. 

"We believed in him so we found him a spot. Pretty sure we made the right call."”

— High Sierra Music Festival

Hey Now Baby

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